Wednesday, 20 July 2011

New Fleet on London's Victoria Line

There's a new fleet of trains on London Underground's Victoria Line. It's known as the 2009 Tube Stock and it's been built in England by Bombardier at their factory in Derby. A total of up to 43 x 8-car trains now provide the daily service in place of the withdrawn 1967 Tube Stock. Together with the new trains, a new Automatic Train Control (ATC) system, supplied by Invensys, formerly Westinghouse, has been installed to replace the original system. A great set of photos of both the new and old trains can be seen here.

The Victoria Line was designed and built for ATC and the first section opened in 1968. The 1967 Stock was the first new train in the world to be purpose-built for a new automatic railway. Now it has become history and, to tell the story, there's a new series on the history of the stock being written for Underground News. It's in preparation so, if anyone has a story to tell about the 1967 Tube Stock, please get in touch.

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