Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Wrong Turn

A lady driver, aged 85, took a wrong turn at a level crossing at Basingstoke in England on January 26th  2012, when she drove onto the railway track and drove for 80 metres before she realised something wasn't quite right. She had a 20 year old male in the car with her. Apparently she was looking for the station car parking area. She's lucky she and the car didn't light up the area by touching the electric conductor rail that the line has.

One has to wonder how someone who can do that kind of thing has survived to that age. And as for her passenger, where was his brain.  Perhaps it was a family member....

Of course the railway was shut down for two hours and thousands of passengers had their journeys disrupted while the mess was sorted out.  I hope she will be prosecuted for endangering the lives of railway passengers.


  1. Some years ago, but happened at N. of Chertsey remember for the fact the car was left at our Elec. substation for a considerable period.
    The arc damage to both doors must have been frightning.
    John ECRO